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Top Destinations


London is a wonderful city to visit and explore. The capital of England has plenty of places to vist and see. Whether its history or sport, London has plenty of reasons to visit.


Its not just the western world which is taking note and caring about the environment. India has plenty of places to visit and explore all of which makes a perfect eco friendly holiday.


The capital of Paris is a great city to explore and experience.

It’s known as the city of love, so a prefect city break with the special person in your life.

Green Travelling

Check out some of our great tips for travelling the world whilst limiting your impact on the environment.

At Home

While there are many ways to travel environmentally friendly, there are many small changes you can make at home to reduce your impact.

waste food being put in bin

Food Waste

This is my biggest issue for several reasons. 

Environment: There is a big environmental impact to food, thats why buying local is super important but once grown we should eat it otherwise its harm to the environment for no benefit.

People Starving: There are people on this planet we live on that can’t get enough food to live, while other’s by too much to waste. 

Green Home

Save Water in the Home and help the planets resoruces

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