Holiday Inn owner cracks down on plastic toiletries

Hotel chain going green

All hotels run by InterContinental Hotels Group are making changes to become more environmentally friendly. They are the first global hotel brand to take these steps, hopefully they are the first of many. They are planning on removing all miniature toiletries from hotel rooms for environmental reasons. The plan is to remove small plastic bottles …

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travel with a conscious

5 of the Best Ways to Travel Around Europe Sustainably

Europe is a beautiful and varied travel destination that boasts some of the world’s most dynamic cultures and rich histories. While visiting, it’s easy to get swept up in enjoying yourself rather than considering the impact you’ll leave behind in that country. Carbon emissions, plastic use and littering are all tourist or travel issues. There …

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Top 5 Environmentally Places to Visit In London

If you’re planning to spend some days in an Eco-friendly environment abroad, consider paying a visit to London. Being one of the most toured cities by locals as well as foreigners, London has always been connected with great tourist attractions. London’s wildlife and natural spaces offer the best option for tourists who love to expend tranquil time far …

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zero waste design. use less plastic

Tips on Reducing Plastic Use

Headlines on environmental problems stemming from single-use plastics are common. Also, about eight to nine million tons of plastic finds its way in oceans, harming marine resources. Not to mention, an equal amount of plastic stands in landfills. While governments are taking the necessary steps to bring down the usage of plastic, it’s the responsibility of people …

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