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Tips on Reducing Plastic Use

Headlines on environmental problems stemming from single-use plastics are common. Also, about eight to nine million tons of plastic finds its way in oceans, harming marine resources. Not to mention, an equal amount of plastic stands in landfills. While governments are taking the necessary steps to bring down the usage of plastic, it’s the responsibility of people …

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Save the water - ecology concept background with paper cut water drop. World Water Day

Water Saving Tips

Last summer was pretty warm, actually its the warmest I can remember and while it was good to get out and make memories and explore the UK, its wasn’t great on our reservoirs. While a few local area’s did introduce hosepipe bans, these were limited to location and length of time. However, with very little …

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Eco Friendly House - Paper Home On Grass In Garden

Do your bit when you return home: 7 steps towards an eco-friendly bathroom

Whilst travelling around the world is great fun, there really is nothing better than returning home and enjoying all those creature comforts you often take for granted. Many of the eco-friendly tricks and tips you picked up along the way can easily be transferred to your home, so you can live in a more sustainable …

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Green Britain

Part of our mission is to help you travel the world, but more importantly to travel the world and have as little impact on the environment as possible. As the dominate species on planet earth, we are responsible for climate change at a rate never seen before and it’s really only us which can impact …

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