Top 5 Environmentally Places to Visit In London

If you’re planning to spend some days in an Eco-friendly environment abroad, consider paying a visit to London. Being one of the most toured cities by locals as well as foreigners, London has always been connected with great tourist attractions. London’s wildlife and natural spaces offer the best option for tourists who love to expend tranquil time far from the hectic city life. Although you’ll find many other great attractions, here are the top 5 environmentally places to visit in London.

1. Virginia Water

A mini town located on the boundary areas of London, Virginia Water is supposed to be named after the famous Queen Virgin, Elizabeth I. With an abundance of wildlife and glittering waters, Virginia Water is famous all over the world for its natural beauty. Right from the eighteenth century, this lovely town has been a center of attraction among tourists of all ages. It’s also a part of the Great Royal Landscape. The ornamental cascading waterfall is a favorite feature among kids and grownups alike. 

The Virginia Water Lake that rests on the inner side of the Windsor’s Great Park is its highlighting point. Especially popular among the crazy fans of famous movies, such as Robin Hood and Harry Potter, that had various scenes shot on its shores, this lovely lake is also remembered for its tumultuous history and varied biodiversity.

The beautiful shores of this superb lake are popular among enthusiasts who would like to participate in a wide variety of activities there. Whether you love running and walking down the perimeter or just relaxing and watching amazing views, the area has everything you need. Filled with a rich history that stretches centuries – from cascading waterfalls to historic monuments as well as wonderful vistas, the town is worth every moment of your visit. 

2. The Hyde Park

Covering a total area of about 350 acres, the Hyde Park is one of the eight Royal Parks of London. The park symbolises a conventional natural momentous of London. It’s here the 1851’s Great Exhibition was located. Created in the year 1536, the park was initially meant to facilitate hunting activities.

Being the largest continuous sequence of parks, the Hyde Park is also called the Green Lung of London. Even now, this elegant park continues to remain filled with cultural symbols and history. The Queen Elizabeth Gate or the Grand Entrance, the Holocaust Memorial, the Speaker’s Corner, the Memorial of Princess Diana, the Weeping Beach, the 7th July Memorial, and the magnificent Flower Gardens are some of the notable symbols here.

As well as watching lovely scenes in this Eco-friendly place, you can enjoy boating, horse riding, and tennis or join the walkers, cyclists, and joggers enjoying fresh air in the open. You can also swim in the Serpentine water, or simply admire the views. 

3. Findhorn Village

Although a place to transform your conscience, Findhorn, a small village, is one of the top 5 environmentally places to visit in London. Covered by a lovely landscape of forest, bay, and beach, Findhorn is a tranquil place to connect with others and nature. A group of spiritual people has created the Findhorn organisation where the one-offs and stand-outs of the society are drawn to this community foundation. 

Even if you’ve no interest in the foundation, the place is still worthy of your visit for its Eco-village that rests in the heart of nature. Lovely landscapes and greenery are the prime reasons why tourists get attracted towards this magnificent village. You can sit and relax or meditate in a cool and solitary environment remembering the Almighty God. You may also take a walk through the Findhorn gardens, well-known for extra-large vegetables. No matter your preferences, there’s a lot you can do in this natural village.

4. Lee Valley Regional Park

It’s one of the biggest open spaces in London. The park is an exclusive mix of sports and leisure facilities, gardens, heritage sites, riverside trails, and nature reserves. You can easily get to the park by bus, bike, train, car or on foot. Whether you wish to horse ride, canoe or ice skate, visit historic gardens or farms, you can enjoy this Eco-friendly place in all respects.

The park provides hundreds of Great Days and stretches about 40 kilometers through London, Hertfordshire, and Essex. When you’re at this lovely destination, just opt for one of the activities offered. You could drive the rapids at the White Water Center, saddle up at the Riding Center, or sharpen your skills at the Athletics Center. If you’ve kids to entertain, take them to the Lee Valley’s Park Farms with a cycle ride or boat.

After getting involved in various activities, you may wish to relax. If that’s the case, explore the Myddelton Gardens or just stroll around on one of the various walking routes. Even after exploring the events and activities all through the day, you’ll hardly manage to take part in a small portion of all the events at the Lee Valley Park. 

5. River Thames

London skyline - Aerial view of London skyline

If you tour London but fail to visit the River thames, then you miss a lot. The river Thames is well-known for a number of amazing landmarks such as the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and the Shakespeare’s Globe. However, you’ll discover a lot of interesting, exciting, and delicious treats that you may not have even heard of along this wonderful river. According to many foreign tourists, Thames River is the best attraction in London. It’s of utmost importance in London history.

In fact, the River Thames is considered as a cultural and economic identity of London. Being the longest, greatest river in the United Kingdom, this lovely river passes through most of the tourist sites across London. Having a cruise ride is the best way to get a broad overview of London, see its splendid architectural landmarks, and numerous interesting points along the way.

While you’re surfing through the river, you’ll find many people kayaking, rowing, and sailing. The atmosphere at the river becomes more exciting during special events such as the Boat Race and the Henley Royal Regatta hosted annually. While you can visit Thames River all through the year, checking it during the summer season is highly recommended, especially if you wish to make the most out of your visit. 

Bottom line

London blends a modern architecture filled with wonderful parks, sky-high towers, and lots of green spaces for a short escape from your busy city life. Although you’ll find many other green places, these are top 5 environmentally places to visit in London. Just check out these places when you’re in London and you’ll applaud yourself for your visit. 

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