Why I hate Food Waste!!

There are several reasons I hate waste food, this article I want to explain why, but this whole section of the blog will be dedicated to tips and tricks to reduce if not eliminate it completely.  

Environmental Reasons

Even locally sourced food has an environmental impact. We all need to eat so we can negate this fact.

To grow food, package it, and get it to shops as well as you then travelling to the store to collect it a lot of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will be emitted. 

People Starving

There are a large groups of people all over the world which struggle to eat enough food to survive some of these are in developed countries but the majority are in developing countries.

So we waste food, when some people due to where they happen to be born cant get enough food to live.

What really annoys me more:

I hate to see families etc chucking away food, especially when its still edible, but what really annoys me is when food is wasted for the name of entertainement. 

It really bugs me and I feel a little bit of guilt when I see if that I know people are starving.

Let me give you an example, in the last season of the Grand Tour (a brilliant series on Amazon Prime), Jeremy Clarkson is in France doing a scene. Part of the scene he is eating a bite out of a huge baguette (several feet long) and then its chucked out of the car window onto the floor.

Great for a 5 second laugh on screen, but the reality is because its chucked outside onto the ground its now not edible, so the food is wasted. I would hope this was done in one take because several takes using fresh food is even worse.

He isn’t the worst, its just one example which always stays with me.

The clip is below incase you are interested.

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